Aforel International School

With the numerous benefits independent schools have to offer, it is no surprise that they are on the rise. Part of the reason for the growth of such schools is parental choice. People's perceptions are changing and communities that do not traditionally see Independent Schools as an alternative for their families are increasingly enrolling their kids in such institutions.

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Much like the meaning of the term 'independent" such schools have the freedom to serve their individual missions. This means that each school can exercise its own values, philosophy and approach. Such diversity makes it easier for you to find a school that is fit for your child. As there are no state mandates regarding curriculum and testing, passionate teachers get the opportunity to create unique educational experiences to meet individual child needs.

They are inexpensive

What is often overlooked by many is that some public schools even charge more than their independent counterparts. Therefore, it does not necessarily mean that a school is expensive just because it is independent. Some of the main reasons independent schooling is becoming prevalent is because of better education in the classroom, qualified and competent staff and better sporting facilities just to mention a few.

Common goals

In as much as each school is independent, they share in the commitment to hard work, good citizenship, personal responsibility when teaching the young academic skills. One of the most common characteristics of such schools is that they are independently governed by a board of trustees and not a public school board.

Each school varies. They may be either co-educational or single sex schools whereas others may be boarding schools, day schools or a combination of both day and boarding school. Most schools are supported by a combination of tuition payments, charitable contributions and endowment revenue as opposed to public funds.

Several factors make enrolling your child in an independent school worth it.

High academic standards

Based on statistical evidence, a higher percentage of students in independent schools are enrolled in advanced courses as compared to public, parochial and other private schools. This is attributed to the fact that they nurture intellectual curiosity, foster personal growth and encourage creative and critical thinking.

Excellent teachers

Based on strict and thorough vetting processes, only the best teachers are hired. The autonomy with which such good teachers run their classrooms makes it easy for them to understand their students better and adapt custom teaching techniques based on the interests that motivate each student. They are also experts at what they do in addition to being passionate about their jobs.

Small classes and individual attention

Low student-teacher ratios encourage easier monitoring and closer connection with students. As a result, teachers have an easier task keeping up with the developments of each and every student. Such individual attention can go a long way in speeding up the learning process.

Whole round education

In addition to nurturing intellectual growth, personal and social growth are also pursued. Opportunities extend beyond classwork and physical exercise to include the social aspect of the learning process and life as a whole. Each family is welcomed as schools maintain vibrant school communities based on communication between parents, teachers and students.